Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excited to Learn Technology

During one of our Computer Technology Program training sessions I was passed a love letter from one of the teachers, S.E. Sangeetha, expressing her excitement of our training session. Naturally my heart melted after reading her great attempt of writing in English so that I could understand her emotions.

I decided to share her letter with our supporters. 

Listed below I have typed out her email so that you all can review. Please do not be judgmental regarding any of her spelling or grammar, thank you in advance:

“My name is S.E. Sangeetha. I am working in the RISE School.

First, I will like to say thank you to Mr. Krishnan and our correspondent Geetha Krishnan for giving me this great opportunity to learn about laptops and meet Bridget and Abby. Both are very nice persons. This has been the first time I have ever met and talked to foreigners very closely. 

Already I had seen M.S. office in basic documents. These past two days I practiced a lot of new things using the laptop. I also got to learn how to use a LCD projector. This will be very useful in my class teaching for this academic year. I hope my students will enjoy this method of teaching.

Bridget and Abby make the class very interesting. I like your teaching and you also.

Thank you!”

I hope you enjoyed the note! It is a great delight to be teaching women about the use of technology. 

Thanks so much for reading. 

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  1. Her grammar was just fine! Better than many Americans I'd bet lol. Great feedback though, looks like you've finally gotten the teaching gig you wanted ;-)